Monday, November 16, 2009

Lindsay lohan sex tape. Crazy pics.

Lindsay lohan sex tape. Cool picz...

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Are you surprised that a sex tape of Lindsay Lohan is dating? It was only a matter of time before another sex tape leaked celebrity. What took so long??? Lindsay Lohan may now join the ranks of Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson! A video still has been leaked on the Internet of what purported to be the Lohan performing a sex act with ex-boyfriend, Calum Best, who was was seen leaving with most of last summer. The Sun claims that Calum supposedly sent the video to close friends and somehow made its way online. Lindsay is said to be going crazy since he doesn't even remember that it is filmed. She was probably too ****** up! Neither Lohan nor Calum have confirmed or denied the rumors. Thanks Perez ... I think ....
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